Website Advice for Entrepreneurs

Tips for creating a website that engages visitors

What are you trying to achieve?

First, define your goals for your website. Some examples:

  • Create a professional image for the business
  • Provide information for existing clients
  • Generate leads for the business
  • Motivate visitors to order products online

Give your website a personality

Websites have personalities. They can be strait-laced or business casual or playful. This is accomplished through the use of colors, imagery and the style of writing.

Your website’s personality should reflect the personality of your business and this should be consistent with your branding.

What’s the purpose of this page?

Each page should serve a single purpose. Multipurpose pages confuse visitors.

  • Split multipurpose pages into single-purpose pages.
  • If you can’t identify the purpose of a page, consider deleting it.

Your visitors will appreciate the clarity. And search engines will reward you with better page rankings.

What do you want visitors to do ?

After identifying the purpose of a page, take time to define what you want visitors to do when they arrive.

For example, the purpose of a page may be to provide information about a product or service. When a visitor arrives you may want them to order the product online, or call to schedule your service, or request a free quote.

For every page, be sure to identify what you want visitors to do when they arrive.

Use Calls to Action to Motivate Visitors

Once you’ve identified what you want visitors to do when they arrive on a page, use calls to action (CTAs) to motivate them to act.

Every page should have one or more CTA. These should be obvious and grab attention.

Most often, these will be buttons. But CTAs may take other forms.

On long pages, be sure to strategically place multiple CTAs along the way.

Make it visually appealing

Visitors respond to websites that make effective of images and color.

Each page should have a large image that depicts or symbolizes the subject of the page. Visitors will see and process the image before they read the title.

The use of colors should be consistent across the website. Colors can be used to segregate sections or to group ideas or to attract attention to elements.

Don’t provide too much information

Resist the urge fill your web pages with all of the information about your products and services.

Give your visitors enough information to get them to act — and nothing more!

Pages filled with text will bore visitors and send them packing (or at least off to visit your competitors).

Make it personal

People want to do business with other people. Show them pictures of your office or store. Be sure to include pictures of you and your team members.

Share some information about your history and what makes you unique.

Also, be sure to write your content as if you were speaking to your visitors. For example, say things like: “You can rely on us to be on-time” instead of “Customers can rely on ABC Corporation employees to be on-time.”

Important Design Concepts


Lots of white space

Less is more. Simplicity brings clarity. In addition, it creates a comfortable ambiance where visitors can relax and explore.

Use large fonts

Make it easy for visitors to read your website, especially those visitors arriving on mobile devices.

Subtle Animation

A small amount of animation improves the experience of visitors,  attracting attention to key elements and guiding user interaction.

Include FAQs

Providing answers to common concerns or questions is proven to improve conversion rates — and SEO.


No sidebars

Sidebars on websites are ignored by visitors. On mobile devices, sidebars end up on the bottom of the page and almost never get seen.

Add chat feature

In general, Baby Boomers like to speak on the phone. Gen-Xers prefer email. Millennials are most comfortable texting.

Thinking about designing your own website?

When cost is a big concern, designing your own website is an option. The above tips will help you create an effective website.

When your budget permits, consider hiring a website design company (like us). We will help improve your web presence, drive more traffic to your website and convert more of your visitors into customers.

We work with our clients to help them accomplish their goals and to obtain a solid return on their website investment.

Give us a call to discuss your website needs. 317-520-2712.

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